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I’m Janet, I’ve lived in Harrogate most of my life and it’s home, but I’m still a little bit Bristolian. I’m in my mid 40s with two daughters at secondary school, one teen and one tween. My husband is a very busy man but when we have free family time we like to travel, eat out, take photos and join in with events at our church. My husband and children are well-trained at tolerating my motor-mouth and bad jokes. We sometimes ride bikes together, we almost never agree on the food we like. I like to approach everything a bit differently if I can, to view things from a new perspective, and if I can help out someone else along the way, even better.

Most of my friends know me as a photographer. I don’t do that professionally although I was planning to. You can read here about why I changed my direction.

Likes and dislikes

I like to under-complicate things in life whether that means my outfit or simplifying a recipe or editing a photo or planning a night out. Well, that’s true unless it’s a holiday in which case my planning becomes intense and precise. Things I don’t like include horror, meanness and ready meals.

A short life history

I trained in media and marketing back when most things were analogue and “social media” meant a pub with a TV in it. But steady on, I’m not THAT old. I’ve had many jobs although for a long time I was a teaching union official. In common with many women, my career went down the pan when I had children and that’s when I retrained in photography. I’ve brought these skills with me into the blog.

Why I blog

I started my blog for enjoyment and to try to develop my skills in writing. Also I hope to get some knowledge of seo or digital media and anything that would look good on my CV. I have all the family responsibilities so I can make blogging fit around that.

What this blog is all about

However I realise I don’t blog like most other “mum-bloggers”. I only write indirectly about my children. I write a lot about photography. I review things which really grab me. I always have things to say about travel. It’s called a lifestyle blog because that category covers nearly everything!

In 2017 I am writing weekly about photography. These are blog posts for enthusiast photographers and I analyse what works and what doesn’t in a particular image. Find my latest post in the photography tab at the top of the page. I also try to write monthly about France and also parenting. Sometimes I will blog a recipe, also faith, health, home and style items and current affairs.

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  1. mumthera
    22nd March 2016 / 2:43 pm

    Love your blog, your about page is fab, it made me chuckle out loud. Keep going!