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Brand and PR Collaboration 

Although this is a personal blog and most posts are independently created by me, I am regularly available for brand and PR collaborations. See T&C para below.

I take on product and service reviews, collaborative and sponsored posts, affiliate work, brand work, events, openings and launches. I may accept some guest posts and I do provide them for other sites. Not all collaborations appear on the blog as some are arranged for social media only.

What Am I Open To?

Collaborations of all kinds! Do you have a product, venue or visitor attraction that you would like reviewed? Would you like to run a competition through my blog and generate some excitement for your brand? How about an Instagram takeover?

I’m seeking collaborations which would allow me to publish relevant blog posts in the areas of photography, travel, holiday accommodation, parenting older children, family days out, health and beauty, beverages, restaurants, midlife, and home and garden accessories or décor items. Please get in touch with more details of your needs and we can negotiate rates.

In relation to launch events, openings, food, bars and restaurants I am available to collaborate for social media posts and influencing or to review.


Do contact me for the most up to date stats. A sample from March 2018 follows:

Social Media followers total 4000, (IG 1800, Twitter 1200)

Month unique users Google: 1800, AWStats (via host): 3200

Monthly page views Google: 3300, AWStats (via host all countries exl. RU): 21620

Domain Authority 31

Terms and Conditions for Advertisers, Brands, PR and Collaborations

We can discuss the detail of your project or campaign by email. In addition, please be aware of a few basic terms as follows.

All photographs, text and graphics on FalcondaleLife website or across any associated social media are copyright and may not be copied or used without permission. This still applies if they are photos of your product or service or if you’ve paid for the associated blog post. Copying and reposting to or from Instagram is also not permitted without specific agreement. However please do ask if you would like a licence to use a photo. I only charge a fee in rare circumstances and we will probably be able to come to an arrangement. The use of my copyrighted photography without permission will incur a fee.

To comply with ASA regulations all sponsored or collaborative posts will be identified as such on the post. Commissioned reviews will state if I have been invited somewhere or gifted an item. Reasonable late fees for invoice payments may be charged. Links will be no-follow unless I specify otherwise in our email discussions. In the unlikely event that this website is subject to a Google penalty of any type due to the presence of a follow link, the link will revert to no-follow without a refund. Paid links and all creative work will remain published for the life of the blog or a minimum of one year, whichever is shorter. In case of dispute my liability will not exceed my fee. I reserve the right to terminate a commercial relationship and redact work without refund in the event of significant negative media publicity concerning the advertiser or in circumstances beyond our control.



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