Work With Me



Brand and PR Collaboration

Although this is a personal blog and most posts are independently created by me, I am regularly available for brand and PR collaborations.

I may take on product and service reviews, collaborative and sponsored posts, affiliate work, brand work, events, openings and launches. I may accept some guest posts and I do provide them for other sites. Not all collaborations appear on the blog as some are arranged for social media only.

What Am I Open To?

I’m seeking opportunities to publish further blog posts in the areas of photography, travel, parenting older children, family days out, health and beauty, beverages, midlife and home and garden accessories or décor items.

In relation to food, bars and restaurants I am available to collaborate for social media posts and influencing.


All photographs on FalcondaleLife website or across any linked social media are copyright and may not be copied or used without permission. However please do ask if you would like a licence to use a photo. I only charge a fee in very rare circumstances and we will probably be able to come to an arrangement.


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