My favourite picks for products and purchases, inspired by my blog posts. I’ve selected all of these personally for my blog readers.

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Photography, Gadgets, Tech

This is a compact camera I have thoroughly enjoyed using. Read my blog about my adventures with a little camera by clicking here.


Spotted: This lovely entry-level Canon DSLR above comes with a popular kit lens. Grow your joy of photography by upgrading to DSLR.


This is a seriously exciting camera! The Canon EOS 6D has super performance and also comes with a really versatile zoom lens of great range. At 24 to 105mm this lens has my go-to numbers written all over it.


If you can use a flashgun your photography instantly becomes more versatile. Combined with a good flash diffuser you can get natural looking results on automatic ETTL setting. No special skills needed! This one is a great price.


One of my two favourite flashgun diffusers is this Gary Fong. You don’t need light stands when you have one of these, and it’s much better for taking photos of moving kids and events in large rooms.


An 80-20 flashgun diffuser is ideal for indoor photography. Bounce a portion of the light off a white ceiling and diffuse some light directly at the subject. See this blog post for examples of the photos.


House, Home and Kitchen

This traditional mouli herb mill is ideal for grinding flaked almonds as well. I think it’s a nicer texture than chunky chopped almond in your Christmas pudding or Christmas Cake.


My super easy Christmas pudding recipe will impress your guests – steam it in a Tala basin. Tala is a brand of kitchen equipment that my Grandma used, they’ve been around ages!


Travel and Outdoors

Have you been reading my blog posts about travel in France? There are lots to read! French swimming pool regulations mean that men may not wear board shorts. These Daniel Craig (James Bond) style trunks are what you’re looking for.


This beach shelter is just the sort of thing I look for because it has a zip-up front. You can close it up with your stuff inside while you swim. Or if you’re quite bendy and limber, you can get changed inside! This was recommended in my blog about our favourite beach.


If you love the beach, why not take a kite? This one is the business and has great reviews. I think we could use this at the park quite happily too.


We love to take our bikes to new bike paths and scenery as a family. If you put a bike rack on your towball I recommend that you get a tilting one like this – I wish we had! So much easier to get in the car boot. Tip: Make sure that you don’t overload the boot when all the bikes are on. Perhaps use a roof box to balance out the weight on your suspension.

Lifestyle and Leisure