The Slow Cooker Novice and the White Princess #LittleLoves

The Slow Cooker Novice and the White Princess #LittleLoves on FalcondaleLife blog. Lifestyle blog post covering food, drink, TV and parenting teens. White flowerIt’s been a couple of weeks since I joined in with #LittleLoves blog link-up so I have plenty of news and things to share.


I’ve borrowed my mum’s slow cooker so I’ve been reading a couple of her slow cooker recipe books. The recipes don’t honestly seem any simpler than usual except the end result just arrives a lot slower. For example, most recipes still require the ingredients to be sautéed before adding to the pot. I could do that with a casserole pot in the oven, couldn’t I? I am not yet convinced. More on this further down the page.


I have a strong recommendation in this department! I have found an unmissable costume drama series on the Drama channel (freesat) called “The White Princess”. It’s an adaptation of the bestselling Philippa Gregory novels set at the end of the wars of the Roses. A few years ago the previous series “The White Queen” was on the BBC to great acclaim. It’s a surprise that this follow-up series is on a small channel as it is superb. Sundays at 9pm.


I had the privilege of taking a tour of three Yorkshire craft breweries with Brewtown tours last week. We heard talks from each brewer about their choice of ingredients, recipe development, flavours and brewing methods. It was very thorough and allowed us plenty of time to sample quite a lot of beer while we were listening. Of course that meant it was harder to remember the fine details! It was such a fun day, I will write more about it in another blog post.

White Sauce, White Princess #LittleLoves on Falcondale Life blog. Brewery tour with Brewtown tours out of Leeds. Yorkshire Heart Ales.


I have ticked off some of my Christmas cooking now. I finally made the Christmas pudding and also cooked up some cranberry sauce. As usual I made too much of both. I gave away a jar of cranberry sauce to a friend who made me lunch, but I still have a one-pint Christmas pudding with no home to go to. Suggestions welcome!

The other thing I made was a mess in the slow cooker. I regularly make American baked pork chops in the oven, so I thought I’d try it as my first dish in the slow cooker. The pork chops cook in a white sauce with various flavours added to it. However the sauce curdled and it stank. Disaster! I really have NOT got the hang of it.

The Slow Cooker Novice and the White Princess #LittleLoves on FalcondaleLife blog. Lifestyle blog post covering food, drink, TV and parenting teens. Slow cooker image.


I don’t own a comedy Christmas jumper but perhaps I should get one. I have a sparkly plain jumper from Tu that I wore on the Brewtown tour. Now I feel I need a new sparkly jumper as I’ve worn it to everything.

And Lastly

Fizz has been taking her GCSE mock exams. In art she is concentrating on photography and I’ve been helping out. I’ve driven her from A to B to find good shooting locations, I’ve stood on hand lighting candles and operating light switches (very grainy snap taken on my phone at the end of this blog). I’ve held flashguns, replaced batteries, hung backdrops (tablecloths) and obtained props.

Never dismiss art as a “soft” subject. The research, assessment, practical work, post-production and writing is just endless and has caused many late nights. It is also one of the best GCSE subjects to train young people for the workplace, because of the way the work and assessment is done. Unlike some subjects, it is not just a memory test. I’m very proud of her achievements but I’ve had to clear my diary at short notice frequently, just to be her girl-Friday!

The Slow Cooker Novice and the White Princess #LittleLoves on FalcondaleLife blog. Lifestyle blog post covering food, drink, TV and parenting teens. Candle shadow photo.

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  1. 20th December 2017 / 10:08 am

    I only really use our slowcooker for a handful of recipes. It’s fantastic when you’re busy and you can chuck it all in and it’s ready when you get home. The trial and error to find recipes that work is frustrating though!
    Love that you’re so hands on and supportive of your daughter’s work, that will mean a lot to her I’m sure x

  2. 19th December 2017 / 8:26 pm

    Thanks – My husband isn’t convinced by the slow cooker either as he feels the meat gets overcooked. It’s not going well!

  3. 17th December 2017 / 10:34 am

    How lovrly to have been working together on her photography. Oh I’m not completely sold on slow cookers either. I guess the advantage is that you can leave them on while you’re out and get home from work to something cooked and ready, although my husband isn’t keen on leaving it on all day either! I hope you’re having a good weekend x #LittleLoves

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