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Gunpowder, Twitter and Pop - #LittleLoves linkup on Falcondale Life blog. Personal blog from my week by FalcondaleJan. TV shows, news and family life.For months I’ve been wondering about joining in with the #LittleLoves linky hosted by Morgana from the blog Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. She’s one of the first bloggers I read in the early days. Something I like about this link-up is that every blogger involved writes their post under the same headings of Read, Watched, Heard, Made, Wore, And Lastly. They are pretty broad titles but it does allow for some real old-school blogging where I can write up snippets from my life. All those hot-headed thoughts that pop into my head during the week don’t normally have much of an outlet – except on Twitter. The linky runs every week and although I am not a person of routine, I hope to join up fairly often.

Gunpowder, Twitter and Pop - #LittleLoves linkup on Falcondale Life blog. Personal blog from my week by FalcondaleJan.


I’ve been getting most of my news from Twitter moments which are really inadequate. So often they focus on celebrity and sports which don’t interest me. I wish I had a newspaper. We stopped getting one after the Independent on Sunday shut down and I haven’t found anything good to replace it. As a result I had no newspaper to light the wood burner this week when we ran out of firelighters! I tried using Amazon brown packaging paper only to discover that it’s fire-retardant. The inside of the wood burner was literally a hot mess.

Gunpowder, Twitter and Pop - #LittleLoves linkup on Falcondale Life blog. Personal blog from my week by FalcondaleJan. Bonfire, woodburner, stove.


I finished the Gunpowder three part series which we had recorded. It was beautifully shot and the production design was superb. Apart from that it was a bit naff. Some dialogue was written like tin-pot Shakespeare and the violence was attention-grabbing tabloid fodder. When we all know the Gunpowder story in advance it is hard to be entertained.


On my long motorway journey this week I took my favourite album of the year, After Laughter by Paramore. I am impressed by how all these lyrics about anxiety have been put to such happy music. The wailing wistfulness and guitar-backed anger of their previous albums is supressed. They do still sound distinctly like Paramore but there is more trippy alt-rock combined with plenty of sheer pop sounds and beats. They have achieved rock-pop without straying into R&B at all. It’s hard not to sing along.


My friend is having a new kitchen and extension so I made her family a pasta bake on Tuesday. When I took it round she was telling me about the forthcoming TV series of Kirsty and Phil’s “Like it or List it”. My friend is going to be on it! It was fascinating to hear how Phil had really got her into a dilemma with the house hunting. When I watch them on TV I find myself wondering if all the nail-biting decision making is really as dramatic as they make it appear. It turns out it is all true. It is quite a rollercoaster for the whole family. It sounds like it’s going to be unmissable telly.


If you have ever cast your eye on me you will know that I don’t really know much about fashion. In fact I am a bit scared of clothes shopping as I make so many mistakes. This week my children and I have all been wearing some basics from H&M. The Harrogate branch suddenly shut down a couple of weeks ago and I’m really sad about it, as it was one of the few shops which doesn’t inspire fear in me. Also their clothes actually fit and most of them don’t fall apart, which is pretty rare these days. I would try things on in the changing room that I would never consider ordering online so I don’t know how I’m going to go on from here without H&M.

Gunpowder, Twitter and Pop - #LittleLoves linkup on Falcondale Life blog. Personal blog from my week by FalcondaleJan. Father Christmas vintage style image.

And Lastly

I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, which is unusual for me. The main reason is that I haven’t got any ideas. A few of the presents I was given last year are still untouched and I think that has made me reluctant to take part in circulating useless objects with other people. Once we’re well into the advent calendars I know I will find my inspiration. Have you left your Christmas shopping for later? Let me know I’m not alone in the comments!

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  1. 5th December 2017 / 10:22 am

    Lovely to have you joining in with LittleLoves!
    I felt just the same about Gunpowder, I didn’t even get around to finishing it which was a shame as it had the potential to be really good.
    For once I’m on track Christmas shopping wise. I had a panic over it last week and went a little crazy but at least now it’s almost done. Just got both sets of parents to buy for now. It does help that this year we’ve cut down and we’re only buying for our kids and nieces and nephews! xx

    • 6th December 2017 / 9:30 am

      Thanks for having me on LittleLoves, I enjoyed writing it. We’ve agreed with some other adults in the family to cut back on gifts too, it will definitely help 😀

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