In Praise of Handbags

In Praise of Handbags FalcondaleLife blog

I’ve got a birthday coming up soon and I’d like a handbag. Or two. My family gang up on me over the issue of my handbags. Not one of them – neither my husband nor my two daughters (a teen and a tween) can see any point in my ever having more than ONE handbag, and they like to tell me this loudly (especially the girls). I can just about get away with “special occasion” handbags as extras but for every day ONE is enough, they say. They see handbags as entirely functional, practical objects for Carrying Stuff. If I say I’d like another one, I get laughed at. A zip has to break or the lining come to shreds before it’s acceptable to replace it. Christmas or my birthday has to come around before an extra handbag can be excused. Accessories get very low billing in our house.

Latona Fringe Hobo Handbag House of Fraser

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Choice of Handbags

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no dreams of handbag excess, I have no wish to become to handbags what Imelda Marcos was to shoes. I don’t even feel the need to fill one entire cupboard with handbags. I just would like to have an option of large or small, summery or wintery plus a choice of colours. I’m not even asking for lots of fabrics or shapes. It’s the point about choice of colours that I don’t seem to be able to get through their heads. For months I had only a red leather handbag and although it looked great most of the time oh boy, it really looked odd with my favourite turquise trousers. I coped with my colour clashing appearance by not looking in the mirror and just generally hoping that most people aren’t really fashion police.

Most women are well aware that a good handbag is a wise fashion investment. You will never get too fat or thin for a handbag. One can improve a drab outfit or pull together a look. (Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard, I don’t think I have ever worn an outfit fashionable enough to be called “a look”). But in my house I am alone in my appreciation for handbags.

Orla Kiely Stem Handbag

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And the Husband Bought …

I do, however, appreciate my husband’s unique role in my handbag life. That is, he has never bought me a bad handbag. Impressive, huh? I explained to him that I am forever accidentally tipping my handbag upside-down. I just keep putting it on unsteady surfaces and it rolls off and things fall out. So he carefully buys me bags with fully sealing zips, and no little gaps at either end. This, from the man who needs help telling whether or not his green t-shirt will clash with his blue trousers, and yet he has never bought me a naff handbag. I shall keep him.

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