Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and quite honestly I find that men are very difficult to buy gifts for. Do you? All the same sorts of Father’s Day presents like socks and miniature whiskeys get trotted out every year. So I’ve been keeping my eyes open for new ideas. I hope you like some of these and there’s something for all budgets.

1. Banksy T-Shirt

Banksy T shirt from Shot Dead in the Head

This T-shirt at £16.99 is from Shot Dead in the Head, an online shop which sells a lot of funny and sweary T-shirts and mugs. There are a lot of wordy gags as well as some smarter visuals like the Banksy T-shirt pictured above. Most t-shirts come in a choice of colours and if you fancy getting one for someone else there are womens syles and sizes too. *NB the website is a little bit NSFW*

2. Weed puller that sounds like a shotgun

Fiskars weed puller a bit like a shotgun

You might remember the TV ad for this one. The Fiskars weed-puller has a kind of pump-action shotgun movement to make the guy next door jealous. It doesn’t shoot anything at all, it pulls the weed gently out and then you have to use the pump action to release it into the bin. It certainly looks like a fun gadget and is really useful in the garden at this time of year. Available for around £28 to £35.

3. James Bond Apron

James Bond apron from Amazon mens gifts

A perfect gift to use for the barbeque or kitchen and pretty suave to boot, this James Bond theme apron is only £4.44 including delivery from Amazon uk and perfect for the kids to buy for Dad on a pocket-money budget. Licence to Grill!

4. Gift Set from the Chilli Jam Man

Chilli Jam Man Fathers Day gift set

We’ve encountered the Chilli Jam Man and his delicious chutneys and jams at a few farmers markets, and they are available in shops too (see website for UK-wide stockists). A Fathers Day gift set includes a selection of three different jars, two sauces for the barbeque and some spicy pork scratchings for £20. The website has a great barbeque recipe for chilli-jam marinated ribs cooked on a garden rake!

5. Leather washbag


Leather washbag from Aldi gift idea

This is a more traditional gift. It’s a leather washbag from Aldi which caught my eye because of it’s classic look. The full-length double zip opening top is really practical and as it’s durable leather this will help guard against damp and spills. It will never go out of style and is available instore or online at £12.99.

5. Rochester Ginger drink

Rochester Ginger non alcoholic drink from The Grape Tree gift idea

This non-alcoholic ginger drink from The Grape Tree is made to a Dickensian recipe and the label claims that it contains “the kick of two very angry mules”! At only £3.99 it’s another idea for kids shopping for gifts on a pocket-money budget.

6. Animal print tie

Animal print ties from Elegant Extras gift idea

Ties are a great gift but they don’t need to be boring. I’ve found a shop called Elegant Extras which sells quality silk ties with animal prints, most very tasteful! There are dogs, horses, chickens, pigs, cows, elephants butterflies and birds of all kinds. There are also ties with sporting patterns and interests like music. Prices range from £16.99 to £38.00.

7. Slab Teak Click Clock

Teak Slab Click Clock from notonthehighstreet gift idea

This stylish slab teak clock is an irresistable gadget with a number display that seems to float magically on the surface. It has alarm settings, temperature display and night-time dimming. It’s sound-activated too, so for added coolness just snap your fingers! Available in several different finishes including walnut and marble, from Not On The High Street for £49.99.

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