An Open Letter To Pinterest

Several years ago my talented friend Karen the photographer invited me to join Pinterest. You used to have to have an invitation, way back then. I quickly became hooked on this visual social media platform with a link in every image to some fascinating fact or blog or website. I enjoyed curating my thoughts and bookmarks by pinning them to virtual pin-boards. Then I discovered that other people liked to follow me. It’s a bit addictive, like Candy Crush. A few months ago Pinterest changed their algorithm, their categorisations and their popularity index (repins). It’s not much fun anymore; people are not finding me or connecting with me. I had a proper moan about it to the very knowledgable Emma from The Life Edit this week and she looked at me and said “Janet, you should contact Pinterest and tell them”. So I did! Here’s what I wrote.

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Has Pinterest Died?

Hi, I am a long-time user of Pinterest and I have been a big fan of the platform for many years, pinning on most days. Up until a few weeks ago I used Pinterest as a private individual, I gained about 240 followers which I think was pretty good – it’s not like I sold my soul to it, but what I was doing was popular with followers. I enjoyed that! But earlier this year new followers just dried up, I haven’t had any new ones for ages. I feel utterly unappreciated! What has changed and why? I used to really enjoy this platform but now there’s little fun in it. It doesn’t spark joy. The life in it has died.

Pinterest appears to have put emphasis on the most popular pins instead of new content. Is that really wise? It makes for a stagnant and stale environment, it’s little different from google images.

Also there’s a lot of encouragement to follow subject areas but how do I get my pins to appear in those subject areas, when the only thing I can do to categorize them is to use the very brief and inadequate list of board categories?

I really feel that the freshness and life in Pinterest has been stifled and the platform has joined the ranks of populist internet curators, which only serves to repeat old material and supress new ideas and creativity. Isn’t that a shame?

Sort it out! Please!

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Do you use Pinterest? What do you think, has the spark of joy gone for you too?

An open letter to Pinterest from falcondalejan


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