Ouch to 5km – Part 2


Back in January I decided that I would change something quite fundamental about myself: I decided that I would become A Runner. This is so improbable; it is like saying that the sun would become Quite Cold. Why did I want this? Because I felt unhealthy, unfit and quite envious of my many sporty friends. I felt the need for speed. I didn’t really believe I could do it, not least because of my dratted painful hypermobile feet. All the same my Couch to 5k journey started quite well. Here’s the link to my first blog about it.

Too sore to run

My last blog post about Couch to 5k ended at the point where my right foot was so painful I could hardly touch the floor. I had reached week 5 of the NHS Couch to 5k app and a day after my last run my foot flared up. My GP thought I had bruised my foot and it took about five weeks for the pain to subside. To be on the safe side, I went to get myself professionally fitted for new trainers. Quite a few people said to me that maybe my very old trainers were a danger to my feet, and it’s quite possible they were right.


But the truth is that the main cause of bruised my foot was the NHS-issue orthopaedic insole, yes; the insole which was supposed to treat and protect me. What a swindle! I have chased up the podiatry department for my follow up appointment but in six months they haven’t contacted me.

Re-starting the programme

Six weeks after stopping the Couch to 5k programme, I began it again. I dropped back to week 3, which was the right thing to do but I wasn’t happy to take a step backwards. I began my run and within a few minutes the itchies began again, just like they did when I started the programme. This time I was not in the safety of my own garden path, so I had to hide in some bushes and scratch! Aaargh! It was my waist that was the worst. So there I was, jogging on the spot amongst the greenery with one hand under my clothes scratching and a grimace on my face. Please don’t picture this too vividly.


Third run in, and the itchies stopped, what a relief! But I wasn’t enjoying running as much as I had done in winter. I like running in the cold, there’s no denying my resemblance to a beetroot after a run on a warm day (#fairskinproblems). Also it took me several runs to realise that I was listening to the wrong music. It makes such a difference to have a good, aggressive and upbeat running soundtrack. I was away for the weekend and running in Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham when my phone shuffled up the track “99 Problems” by JayZ. What a revelation, I really sped up! I became lighter on my feet as he swore in my ears. (To clarify – I don’t normally welcome this kind of behaviour; I’m not inviting you to swear at me in encouragement if you see me out running, thank-you kindly).

I’ve now reached the point in week 5 of the app where I hurt myself so badly last time. Do I feel apprehensive about my next run? You bet I do.

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