7 of My Most Popular Pins

I’m a heavy user of Pinterest and I’m often surprised at which of my pins get saved and liked by other people. I pin a lot of home style, travel and comedy. Pinterest has been really useful for planning holidays and home purchases. Some of these pins have been re-pinned widely but other popular pins are really not representative of my priorities! So I thought it would be an intriguing exercise to look at a collection of my most popular pins.

1. Cyclists on Buttertubs Pass

How the Pin performed, Cyclist on Buttertubs

Well I’ve never been this energetic but it’s a great photo of a wonderful road. The group board owner (Tour de France) contacted me and invited me to add images of the scenery of 2014 Grand Depart in Yorkshire in advance of the race, I got a few more followers that way but mainly I was just enjoying myself!

2. Unicorn Boots

Hideous unicorn boots

These are vile, aren’t they? Well I think so and that’s why I pinned them to the board I have titled “Just Wrong” but most of the people who take my pin and save it to their own boards seem to love them. Apparently there’s a whole world out there of kinky-boot lovers. You’re welcome.

3. VW Camper and Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar and VW pin

This was one of the first of my pins to become popular, several years ago now. The description I wrote for the pin might seem a bit harsh but I mentioned Yosemite because I specifically wanted to show this pin to an American friend who was planning a trip to the south-west of the UK. Most of the re-pins I got were people who were saving images of VW camper vans.

4. Ripon Canal

Ripon canal pin popularity

This is a delicious sunrise image by Shaun Argent Photography and you have to give the guy credit for getting his backside out of bed to capture this one because this is a popular location for photos and the sunrise really makes this shot special. There’s a great use of framing with the bridge and the reflection making a circular aperture through to glimse the boats. A sheen on the water and deep black in the shadows makes it amospheric.

5. Roman Blind

Roman blind with pinterest wording

This pin was a lesson for me in the nature of viral posts. I saved this pin and added my own wording (above) in the same week that the shop (James Brindley) published it. I personally have had only 97 repins from my Pinterest board but it has been repinned close to five thousand times in total, and the vast majority of those pins have my wording underneath, unchanged. So take care what you write when you save your pins, your words could reach far!

6. Home Office

Everyone loves this home office pin

This pin is so popular right now. It shows a really small home office but the fitted furniture makes it look like a tranquil workspace. I think the chair sets off the image beautifully along with the little green and blue accents, but I expect it would be more practical and comfortable to have a regular office chair with wheels. There’s no window but it has undercupboard lighting and the white surfaces make it look bright. Pins with white objects are often popular for some reason.

7. Retro Chair

Boring chair proves popular on pinterest

This is an exceptionally dull image of a dull grey chair. Or is it? I saved this pin because at the time I was looking for a pair of “cocktail” chairs (i.e. upholstered chairs with no arms) for my home. I was considering a vintage style and from the point of view of form and function, this chair helped the decision process. However I’m surprised that it’s been re-pinned so often, especially as I have other vintage cocktail chair pins on the same board which are much prettier. I think maybe the hashtag in the description has helped a little.

If you use Pinterest my best tip is check the descriptions you write for your pins and make them appropriate for you personally. If you re-pin something with a strongly worded description which someone else has written it won’t help you recall why you pinned it and it won’t give your followers a true impression of you.

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