Take a Tour of a Dismantled SLR Camera

Take a tour of a dismantled SLR camera on FalcondaleLife blog

I’ve been an enthusiastic photographer from the age of 13 and local friends are always asking me “how’s your photography?” when they see me. Although I got a bit fed up with photography a couple of years ago, it is really pulling me back and I’m shooting more and more. My husband and I were sorting through our camera equipment recently and discovered that our Canon 50E SLR 35mm film camera had stopped working. This really made me feel sentimental! It is possibly my all-time favourite camera, so easy to use, such incredible quality. The lenses which we bought to use with this camera eighteen years ago still fit with modern Canon EOS digital cameras. However as this one shoots film it has been stuck in the back of the cupboard for years.

Well, what does an engineer do when presented with a busted SLR camera? He dismantles it for fun! Our children were fascinated when Dad showed them the camera’s inner workings. So I decided to make this (rather shaky) video, for posterity. I’m sorry I didn’t use a tripod. Further down are some photos which I shot with this camera.

When I was a photography student we shot all black and white film but my first love is colour. When we went on safari to Tanzania (pre-kids) the EOS 50E really proved it’s worth. Shot on Fuji Velvia.

35mm SLR film photos

This lioness has three cubs – our guide told us this was more than usual.

35mm SLR photo of lion with cubs on FalcondaleLife blog

With film of course you are relying on your own skill to get the depth of field right without being able to check a screen on the back of the SLR camera. I managed to get what I wanted with this shot of a herd of elephants but I wish I had taken one which included the reflection.

35mm SLR photo Herd of elephants on FalcondaleLife blog

Just look at the amazing colour range and definition in this photo of a hippo and flamingos. It’s why I loved film. But if it was digital it would have been easier to straighten the horizon.

35mm SLR photo of hippo and flamingos on FalcondaleLife blog

I know many close friends have been expecting me to start blogging about photography again soon. I think it’s safe to say that this trip down memory lane has prompted me to think about doing more. If you’d like me to write about photography, why not let me know in the comments below?

If you’re interested in camera and photography equipment I’ve pinned some of my favourites to this Pinterest board.

Here’s an old post about how I fell out with photography.






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